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Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE)

The official website @udiseplus.gov.in has information about UDISE Plus Portal 2022 Registration, Login Online, Report Card, and Data Entry Module. In today’s post, we’ll go through the UDISE School Login ID and Password, as well as the benefits and other vital information. The UDISE Educational Management Phenomena, which was launched a few years ago, is linked to this webpage. It can assist you in obtaining information about any schools in India. For step-by-step instructions, read the entire article.

Login to the UDISE Plus Portal

Unified Destruction Information System, a new educational phenomenon, is launched (UDISE). It started in the 2012-13 academic year. For many parents, that still probably applies. Except for Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Bihar, every state can use the operating system.

Currently, numerous schools are using technology. UDISE+ will assist you in identifying the many types of schools available in India, allowing you to select the ideal school for your child. This will also assist you in making sound judgments and providing a solid planning framework. This educational management information system is extremely long-lasting.

All teachers can update this portal to get real-time information on the school’s daily changes. The service will also allow parents to conveniently track their child’s statistics. This database was developed by the Ministry of Education. The MHRD and U-DISE databases are maintained by the NIC in India. Candidates who intend to register online should download and install the notification and carefully review the eligibility conditions and application procedure. The official webpage provides information on numerous advantages, aims, and application methods.

The UDISE+ Portal Scheme’s Goals

We’ve discussed what this portal’s major goal is in this section.

  1. A Learning Strategy
  2. The quality of education
  3. Access to teachers in different schools
  4. A State and National Analysis of the Current State of Facilities in Indian Schools
  5. Predicting Primary Student Performance in Public Schools Using Data Gathering and Forecasting Methods
  6. Student Drinking Water & Hygiene Summary
  7. Progression in Primary Education and Proficiency
  8. To increase the chances of a school’s functioning

Highlights of the UDISE Plus Data Entry Module Portal

Scheme’s Name UDISE Plus Portal 2022
Whom Launched Department of School Education & Literacy, Minister of Education, Govt of India
Year 2021-2022
Who are the Beneficiaries Students & Teachers
Major Benefit To provide Real-time data of 1.5 million schools, 9.6 million teachers, and 264 million chilchildren process process
Process for Registration Online Mode
Official Website udiseplus.gov.in
Category State Govt Education Scheme

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Benefits of UDISE Plus Portal

The following are the advantages that will be given by the education system’s new UDISE Plus feature:

  • The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has developed an online data collection system called UDISE Plus, which may be accessible at udiseplus.gov.in.
  • It will be a real-time gateway that will provide teachers with information about their students’ grades.
  • All instructors have access to the portal, which allows them to see real-time data on the school’s daily reports.
  • Parents will be able to rapidly track their children’s statistics by utilizing site. This is a relatively new phenomenon in is currently being employed in many schools.
  • Makes essential school/student information more accessible.
  • The ability to track, measure, and monitor essential KPIs related to school effectiveness has been improved.
  • It will be carried out to assess the school’s daily statistics, and it will be a pretty straightforward procedure for all teachers.
  • It’s a very recent phenomenon’s being used in a lot of places right now.
  • Parents may use this information to find the best school for their children.

How can I register for the UDISE Plus Portal over the internet?

Let’s have a look at how to register for UDISE + Online Portal step by step.

  1. First and foremost, you must go to theSE+’s official website
  2. On the Student SDMS page, select the Registration tab from the drop-down menu.
  3. The registration data will appear on your screen.
  4. Carefully read the directions in this section.
  5. After you’ve finished reading, click the Continue button.
  6. Complete the registration form with all of the essential information.
  7. After you’ve filled in all of your information, click the Next button.
  8. Next, provide your personal information, such as your phone number and email address.
  9. After you’ve finished filling out the form, click the Next tab.
  10. Subsequently, on your registered cellphone number, you will get an OTP.
  11. To finish the registration procedure, enter the obtained OTP and click the Submit button.

How to Login to the UDISE + Portal

You must follow the easy steps outlined below to access the UDISE + site.

  • Go to the UDISE+ official website @udiseplus.gov.in.
  • On the website’s home page, select the Login option from the upper menu bar.
  • A conversation box will appear on the homepage itself.
  • There are three login options available here;
    1. Only Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Bihar residents can log in.
    2. Every Other State Login
    3. Loglog in the User Management and School Directory Modules
  • Now you must choose an option and enter your login and password.
  • A new page will appear on your screen, which is the login page.

Note: The Username is the school’s UDISE code. The Block MIS coordinator will alot the password.

Status of UP UDISE + Registration

Follow the steps below to verify the status of your application.

  1. First, go to the UDISE Plus Portal’s official page.
  2. To continue, go to the homepage and select the Registration Status option.
  3. Your screen will display the new web page.
  4. On this screen, enter your registration number as well as your cell phone number.
  5. Click the Search tab after entering the captcha code.
  6. Finally, the status of the application will appear on your screen.

How Can I Recover a Forgotten Password?

If you forgot your login details password, simply follow the steps outlined below to regain it.

  • To access the UDISE Plus+ Portal, go to the official Website
  • Then, in the user login dialogue box, select Forget Password from the drop-down menu.
  • On the following screen, enter your registered cellphone number or email address.
  • Next, press the Submit button.
  • You will receive a recovery email from the portal.

How to Fill Out UDISE Form 2022 – UDISE Code for Your School

UNIFIED DISTRICT INFORMATION SYSTEM for EDUCATION is the full form of U-Dthe ISE code. It is now in use in India for a variety of school-related functions. It aids in the organization and classification of all school data across the United States. This number can be used to obtain any school-related information. These codes are a little tricky to memorize. Because they’re roughly 13 characters long..

You must complete a step-by-step approach to locate your school’s UDISE code.

  1. Open your browser and go to the official http://schoolreportcards.in/SRC-New/ webpage.
  2. Next, choose “find schools” from the drop-down menu.
  3. An input box will appear, asking for an academic year and Block RTE Grading.
  4. Fill up the blanks with the relevant information (remember only one at a time).
  5. It will just take a few seconds for us to generate your list of prospective matches.

UDISE+ School Report Card 2021-2022

# Data Capture Arrangement Download # Data Capture Arrangement Download
1. 1-5 Class 7. 6-8 Class
2. 1-8 Class 8. 6-10 Class
3. 1-10 Class 9. 9-10 Class
4.  1-12 Class 10. 9-12 Class
5. 6-12 Class 11. 11-12 Class
6. Hindi DCF 1-12 Class 12. Gujarati DCF 1-12 Class

Website Contact Information for UDISE Plus

  • For Office Address: Ministry of Education, Department of School Education and Literacy, Shastri Bhawan, ND– 110001
  • E-Mail Address: udiseplus-mhrd@gov.in
  • Phone No.: +91 (011) 2430-5000 (Extension – 65409) /+91 (011) 2430-5493
  • WhatsApp Number: +91 98739-62141 / +91 97110-59824 / +91 96127-80650
  • For other information, contact us
UDISE+ Portal Important Links:
for search of your school https://src.udiseplus.gov.in/
Dashboard of UDISE+ https://dashboard.udiseplus.gov.in/
GIS Mapping view for your school https://schoolgis.nic.in/


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