Scholarship Programmes List 2022

Scholarship Programmes List 2022

The scholarship Programmes List for Students who are pursuing their education in India has a variety of scholarship choices at their disposal. In October of this year, applicants can apply for scholarships like Pragati, Saksham, and AICTE Swanath.

A collection of scholarships for degree courses that Indian students can participate in is provided by Edugraph each month. The scholarships whose deadline falls within the following month are included in the monthly list.

Ten different scholarships, all with October 2022 application deadlines, are included in this month’s list. So if you’re looking into scholarships, keep reading to find out which ones you might want to apply for. And be sure to forward the article to anybody else you know who could benefit from reading it! So here goes…

Scholarship Programmes List offered till October 2022 

Scholarships are awarded as a charitable endeavor to support and encourage deserving students, especially those who would not be able to pay for their education without help. To assist children and youngsters who had lost their parents or the family’s primary source of income due to the epidemic, several additional student scholarships were offered in India. The following is a list of scholarships available in India with October 2022 application deadlines.

Pragati Scholarship Program

AICTE has a scheme in place to encourage girls who are interested in technical education by assisting them and assisting them in their professional advancement. The “Empowering Women through Technical Education” project seeks to give young women the opportunity to pursue their education and prepare for a successful future. Candidates must be enrolled in their first or second year (lateral entrance) at an AICTE-approved university to be eligible for the scholarship.

For each year of the degree, candidates will get INR 50,000. The scholarship may only be applied for by a family with a maximum of two girls, and the yearly family income cannot exceed Rs. 8 lakh.

The end date for applying is 31 October 2022

Scholarship Saksham Program

The MHRD initiative Saksham, which encourages and helps kids with disabilities to pursue technical education, is being carried out by AICTE. An applicant must be accepted into the first or second year (via lateral entry) of a degree-level course at any AICTE-approved school for the relevant year to be eligible. It is significant to remember that any applicant for this award will be deemed qualified if they have a 40% impairment.


For a maximum of 4 years as first students and 3 years for 2nd students, candidates will earn INR 50,000 every academic year

Last date 31st  October 2022 for applying AICTE Pragati Saksham Scholarship

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